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  • 3 years of experience in an industry setting
  • working for, and with partners from the industry
  • developing concrete innovations
  • together with world-leading experts from many disciplines
  • while staying linked to the academic world
  • making and following a career plan
  • training possibilities for knowledge, skills, and competences

KeyGene, being a leading research company in technology innovation for crop improvement, wants to contribute to, and benefit from the development of top talent. For that, we have, amongst others, a PostDoc program in place.

KeyGene’s value for PostDocs

KeyGene PostDocs visiting a breeding company

Working as a PostDoc at KeyGene will provide you with the opportunity to work and learn in a business research setting, while at the same producing scientific knowledge, writing articles, presenting your results at conferences, filing patents, and developing your skills and competences. A KeyGene PostDoc position will provide you with good credentials to continue your career after your time at KeyGene, in the academic world and in business alike.

As a PostDoc at KeyGene, you will benefit from all of KeyGene’s advanced research facilities and equipment and have direct access to world-leading experts working in research disciplines ranging from data science and artificial intelligence, via genomics and genetics to the interaction between plants and their pests and diseases. Also KeyGene’s non-science experts, in fields like training, R&D communication, and property rights, are at hand for KeyGene’s PostDocs.

KeyGene’s postdoc program has delivered a group of unique, international scientists with a strong drive toward innovation. Former KeyGene PostDocs now work in highly ranked academic organizations and in the business environment like agro-food, agro-biotech, and plant breeding companies.

PostDocs’ value for KeyGene

Of course, PostDocs can importantly contribute to KeyGene. First of all, PostDocs significantly contribute to the scientific vibrancy of our research company. Second, for continuity of our success, we depend on attracting and retaining scientific top talent. Our PostDocs offer the opportunity to in-house explore, develop and retain talent.

First step: contact us!

We very much welcome your initiative to discuss the possibilities for a KeyGene PostDoc with us. The best way to start is to contact KeyGene by sending in your CV and motivation letter. For selected candidates, the next step is to write a career plan and a research plan, in fields like DNA/RNA technology, metabolomics/proteomics, data science, genome editing, mutation breeding, cell- and tissue culture, phenotyping, breeding tools, and trait-technology.

So, get started and apply, using the form at our webpage for open applications!