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The invention encompasses genotyping based upon locus and allele identifiers instead of sequencing of the actual polymorphism.


SNPSelect offers flexible genotyping in which the number of SNPs and number of samples can easily be varied. Also adding extra SNPs to an assay is possible.

SNPSelect can be used to genotype SNPs from a low multiplex format up to genotyping of thousands of SNPs simultaneously. Using SNPSelect, genotyping of polyploids is feasible with high concordancy rates. Furthermore, the design of the probes, as well as the scoring of the genotypes, is automated.

Together with KeyGene’s invention on probe amplification, a SNPSelect allows for a very cost-effective genotyping method.


The invention results in a more accurate calling of the genotypes as a single error in base calling will not result in wrong allele calling. Additionally, when using the UMI approach, genotyping of polyploid samples is more accurate, while maintaining flexibility in the number of samples and the number of SNPs.

Inventor René Hogers: ‘SNSPelect provides a robust and extremely flexible genotyping solution for diploid and polyploid genomes’

The technology results in flexibility from low to high SNP numbers in combination with a low to high number of samples. Other technologies are either low or highly multiplexed. This implicates that when using other techniques, at least 2 different technologies are needed to do the work. SNPSelect has the capabilities to use one single technology to use SNPs in a low multiplex context up to a very high multiplex setting.


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Scientific paper describing SNPSelect

Hogers RCJ, de Ruiter M, Huvenaars KHJ, van der Poel H, Janssen A, van Eijk MJT, et al. (2018) SNPSelect: A scalable and flexible targeted sequence-based genotyping solution. PLoS ONE 13(10): e0205577.