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Technology Innovation (oude versie)

We develop and apply breakthrough technology innovation for crop improvement, for and with partners.

Technology innovation for faster breeding: DNA & RNA markers, sequencing, and bioinformatics

DNA & RNA Technology

Technology innovation for crops for better human health and increased food quality

Metabolomics and Proteomics

Technology innovation for faster and better genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome and phenome insights

Data Science

Technology innovation for the induction of new and desired genetic variation

Induction of genetic variation

New possibilities for crop improvement that start from individual plant cells and/or tissues.

Cell and Tissue Technology

Developing new directions and possibilities for crops having new and better biotic stress resistances

Trait Technology

Better decision-making in breeding through omics & phenomics data, and new reproduction- and breeding techniques.

Genomic Breeding Tools

Can we help you with our technology innovation capabilities?