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KeyGene's impact


Accelerated breeding of impatiens resistant to downy mildew

KeyGene supported Ball Horticultural in the USA to reveal, understand and utilize the genetic variation at hand within their germplasm, for accelerated breeding of impatiens varieties resistant to downy mildew

Genome editing successfully used to induce chicory plants to accumulate important medical compound

KeyGene, Wageningen University & Research, and Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry in Germany, have induced desired variation in chicory for plants that accumulate costunolide, an anti cancer plant metabolite

Telomere-to-telomere crop genomes using only one DNA sequencing platform

A collaboration between KeyGene scientists and the Telomere to Telomere consortium, which is studying the human genome, has resulted in telomere-to-telomere crop genomes of tomato and maize, using one sequencing…