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In crop innovation, exploiting genomic information is the key to success. Plant breeders and plant scientists who use genomic information can be faster and better than their competitors when it comes to the development of new successful crop varieties.

KeyGene is the perfect genome insights partner for plant breeders and plant scientists around the globe because of our unrivalled capabilities in DNA isolation, the Oxford Nanopore Technology platforms we use, our powerful bioinformatics team and infrastructure and our wide range of research expertise. Thanks to the integrated approach we offer through our crop innovation platforms, we allow our partners to compose their own ‘menu’ of genomic research, bringing them genome insight for a strong market position.

Our data scientists develop and use deep learning algorithms that facilitate fast and accurate genome assembly. KeyGene’s data integration and visualization platform CropPedia supports breeders and plant scientists to optimally utilize proprietary and public data about e.g. genomes, gene expression and pathways.

  • unique capabilities in high quality uHMW DNA extraction  from plant material
  • expertise in vegetables, field crops, ornamental crops and pathogens
  • more than twelve year experience in long read technology and crop genome assembly
  • tailored analysis solutions
  • fast TAT: 2-6 months

When it comes to whole genome sequencing, Nanopore platforms like GridION and PromethION allow for a vast production of data. Where speed of sequencing is sometimes considered priority, at KeyGene our drive is to deliver useful data and information to our partners: real genome insight.


That is why KeyGene developed high molecular weight DNA-isolation protocols yielding unrivaled DNA quality and bioinformatics tools that converts the precise and reliable sequence data form Nanopore sequencing into real genome insight.

After sequencing, the ‘chromosome puzzle’ needs to be made. The larger the puzzle pieces, the faster the puzzle is made. And the better the resulting puzzle will be.


KeyGene is known for its unrivaled expertise in the extraction of High Molecular Weight DNA from crop species. For the de novo reference genomes we now routinely can produce N50 read lengths of ≥30 Kb on our nanopore platforms.


Where earlier next generation sequencing platforms can only handle smaller DNA molecules, Nanopore technology allows for ultra-high molecular weight DNA fragments, resulting in ultra-long reads and easier genome assembly.